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The top half of the sales funnel is where traditional media, like radio, influences consumers before their need arises. It builds brand awareness and inspires an emotional connection with the consumer. The bottom half is where digital media can educate and confirm the consumers choice; capturing those that are in the later stages of the buying cycle and are ready to make a purchase.  

Businesses that become preferred at the top half of the funnel have a much higher chance of being chosen at the bottom half of the funnel. Because of this, having both top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel advertising in your mix is absolutely critical. That’s why the Cache Valley Media Group offers solutions that can help you achieve an effective strategy from the moment they hear your name to the moment they walk through your door.

Use traditional media to


Digital media to


80% of consumers choose a business or brand they already know

Effective messaging will help your business connect with future consumers, so they prefer to do business with you even before they need or want what you sell. America’s most successful brands have proven this time and time again.

92% of retail purchases still happen in-store–

–and 88% of consumers do research online beforehand. Digital marketing offers many options for targeting and displaying ads to those customers that are in the need and search stages of the sales funnel.

Don’t neglect your sales funnel

In order to maintain a consistent stream of sales, it’s important to have a marketing strategy that involves the entire sales funnel. Radio is a powerful tool to help you fill the top, while digital is great at capturing customers that are ready to buy.

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