Here's What our
Clients Say

We believe in our clients, and they believe in us. Being the marketing source in Cache Valley is no small potatoes, but we're striving to be the best in the business at helping other local businesses achieve their goals.


Mike Bridges,
ABC Seamless

“I’ve just noticed a big significant difference in the dollar volume that we are producing since we started with the Cache Valley Radio.”

Glenn's Electric

“Radio advertising is by far superior to any other medium we’ve tried. Radio advertising works very well for us and we’ll continue to use it in the future.”

Jason Sparr,
Utah Mattress Outlet

“When I compare radio to the other forms of advertising that I’ve done, it has by far paid the most money back into my pocket. I’ve tried print, online and other sources, and radio again over and over proves to me that it pays for itself and always brings me more business.”

Shane Barrington,
Thunder Mtn. Truck Outfitters

“I remember when our first radio spot ran, and it was literally about two hours before people were coming in the door saying, ‘I heard about you on the radio’, or ‘I didn’t even know that you existed or that the store was here’. We were very impressed. We’ve done radio and we’ve done print ads, and radio is where we will definitely continue to put our advertising dollar.”

Kris Larsen,
Al's Sporting Goods

“Radio has worked outstandingly well for our store. Especially our live remotes, you can really see the effect radio does immediately. You can see the immediate influx of customers. Sometimes we do door busters – we’ll say ‘for the next hour, this, this and this is on sale’, and you see a ton of people come up immediately. It’s an instant response we can visually see, and it’s always a great thing.”

Jerrick's Fine Jewelry

“We’ve gotten really good results from radio. I’d say the biggest way, is, everybody that comes into my store … I always ask how they heard about us, and they always say they heard about us on the radio. So it just reaches a mass amount of people at one time. Everybody here at the radio station is really great to work with, they have really good ideas.”

Derek Carlsen,
Schreiber Foods

“Schreiber Foods has been using radio for the past several years to help us fill employment positions as they become available. As one of the largest employers in the valley, radio helps us find people with the job skills and qualification to fill specific jobs. The response we get from the radio ads is immediate and effective.”

Eric Kleven,
Birch Creek Golf Course

“[Radio allows us] to tell people out there what’s going on at Birch Creek today, or even what’s coming up this week. So they can plan their weekend for it.”

Jim Beazer,
Beazer Lock & Key

“Radio has given Beazer Lock & Key name recognition. Along with the quality product and quality service that we already provide. Now people know who we are and where we are and what we do. Without radio, that wouldn’t happen.”

Ashley Furniture

“With radio, it’s so awesome to be able to change the message out instantaneously and get results immediately. The radio guys are such a great asset to Ashley Furniture, I don’t know where we would be without them.”

Accurate Automotive

“Probably the biggest thing is when I did my jingle… I didn’t know if people really heard the ads or not, but as soon as I did the jingle, everybody that knew me, commented. You instantly knew that people are listening.”

U&I Furniture

“Radio does a great job, simply because if you need to get your name out quickly, you can do it with radio, where doing it any other way takes time. So if you need a quicker response, radio is probably the best, and as far as value it’s probably the best.”

David Butterfield,
USU Credit Union

“Radio advertising I think allows us to get a little bit better feeling of who we are… It allows the elements of sound and music to incorporate that feeling of what it’s like to do business with USU Credit Union.”

Ed Martin,
Rise Broadband

“One of the surprising things about advertising on the radio that I have found is, number one, the affordability. Number two, it’s the number of potential clients that you can reach. Also, the thing about it that’s really great, is you can change things on real time. So if I have an offer that is working, I can keep going. If I need to tweak it, I can do it. And I get that response immediately.”

Dr. LeFevre,
LeFevre Chiropractic

“I use radio for two main reasons; number one, name recognition. Number two, it produces a specific result I want on a specific promotion. I think local radio is more cost effective than a lot of print ads I’ve done. It helps me express my personality, and the things that I do in my chiropractic business that might be different”

Dan Smith,
The Sports Academy

“I can tell when an ad is running because the phone will ring within the next five or ten minutes about that specific ad or special that is running. Radio for us, tends to be the best way to advertise. We hit our demographics. It’s hard to use other forms of media and really target a specific demographic. So radio, definitely by far, does the best job of that. If we’re looking to fill up a class – basketball leagues, tennis camps, something like that… we can usually run a radio ad, and by the end of the week have those camps or leagues full.”

Darrell's Appliance

“We have used radio since 1970. Our goal was to build top of mind recognition when it comes to appliance service and sales. We know people are listening because listeners will come into our store and sing our jingle to us.”

Esterlee Molyneux,
The Family Place

“Radio provides an instant, far reaching audience. It’s fast and effective. We’ve had people call in after we’ve done an interview, for example, and they are able to receive support and services that they would otherwise not know existed without the radio. We’ve also been able to recruit a variety of volunteers which is essential to helping our private, non-profit organization function.”

Bart Caley,
Alpine Cleaning & Restoration

“We’ve used radio for several years now … radio has really got good results for us. When Alpine Cleaning and Restoration was at the Home Show, we were able to talk to so many people … and we had such great results. Especially with scheduling carpet cleaning appointments. It worked great for us.”

Garden Gateway

“Last year, we put radio to the test. We dramatically increased our summer advertising budget and the results were overwhelming … I used to think people tuned out radio commercials, but now customers come into Garden Gateway and recognize me just by the sound of my voice.”
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