Radio is as Strong as Ever

In the latest Nielsen Audio Today Report, Managing Director Brad Kelly says AM/FM radio continues to reach more people each week than any other medium. 93% of the American population continues to tune into your radio stations every week. Not too shabby for a medium approaching 100 years of age.

Among consumers 18 and older, 228.5 million of them tune into radio every week. That’s more than TV (216.5 million), smartphone (203.8 million), and video on a smartphone (127.6 million).

Kelly says broadcast radio’s weekly reach of 228.5 million also outpaces the 68.5 million for streaming audio, 35.7 million using satellite radio and 21.9 million consuming podcasts. “Radio plays a special role in our culture. Its audiences are as varied and diverse as our national makeup. All generations, demographics and ethnicities are tuning in. That fact has not gone unnoticed by the big national brands. Billion dollar advertisers are re-discovering the power of radio and how it can augment, supplement and amplify their media mix. New ad dollars are flowing to the medium, and major national brand names that have been absent from commercial radio for decades can once again.”

Here’s a look at the monthly numbers as well:

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